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E-mail Campaigning

Let us help you and tie your e-mail campaign to your web site. (more ...)

Goode Web Design brings 30 years of experience and expertise to web designs. IT professional Jay Goode was directly involved in the design and creation and maintenance of Information Technology systems for major corporations including Telcom, oil and gas, retail, and banks. In addition, he brings eight years of web design experience.

Goode Web Design has 14 clients. Goode Web Design promises quick turnaround. Goode Web Design has very sophisticated Web Design tools including Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premier Pro.

Locally Owned

Goode Web Design is owned and operated by Jay Goode. He has more than 30 years of experience in information technology.

Goode Web Design will:

Professional Photography

Goode Web Design has professional photography and professional video skills in-house. This includes a still and video studio. Goode Web Design has the software, skills, and experience of working as editor of major publications. Goode Web Design can create beautiful product images for your web site.

This web page will display on any format or device.

Search Engine Optimization

Goode Web Design can optimize your web site to make you visible to Google, Bing, and Yahoo put your site nearer to the top in web searches. This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our three levels of SEO are designed to put your business before your audience at a cost your can afford. The three levels are bronze, silver, and gold. Call us and find out which one fits your budget.

Cost Effective

Goode Web Design can project your company's image to the public in a cost effect manner. Goode Web Design can add streaming video to your web site, using a high definition video capture camera. Goode Web Design has a template ready to adapt to any gardening group. The color scheme and content may be adapted to your group.

Other Avenues

Goode Web Design has an optional design that uses Microsoft Publisher©. Maintenance can be performed by personnel with any gardening group. Other templates below may be adapted to suit any need for your horticultural group.

Templates for Sale

Goode Web Design has working designs prepared to get your rose society or gardening group on the web before that big event such as a rose show or garden tour. Feel feel to browse the web sites listed at right for big events.